What are the 7 Indicators You Need New Pillows

What are the 7 Indicators You Need New Pillows

Posted by Finny F on 6th Feb 2024

    Are you still holding onto the same old pillows you've had for years? Consider investing in new ones for a cleaner and fresher slumber. Pillows ensure a good night's rest, and old ones can lead to issues. But when do you replace them?

    We'll explore the top 7 indicators that show you need new pillows. So grab a cup of tea and lodge in - let's get rolling!

    1. Your Pillows Are Old

    Pillows are a priority for your sleep environment and how well-rested you feel when waking up. But how do you know when your pillows finally need replacing?

    • Lost fluffiness: Losing fluff and shape means your pillows have already been overused. This can happen from daily use, causing the filling inside the pillow to compress and flatten out.
    • Not enough support: You will wake up feeling sore and stiff when pillows no longer provide enough support for your head and neck.
    • Bacteria growth: Older pillows have accumulated dust mites, allergens, and other debris, a breeding ground for bacteria that causes allergies or respiratory issues.

    If your current pillows are causing discomfort during the night such as lumps that form with movement or noisy stuffing material then it’s best to replace them immediately! Remember that investing in quality bedding will help improve not only your sleep but overall health too!

      2. You Have Allergies

    If you keep waking up or can’t sleep from the inconvenience of stuffy nose, runny eyes, or even headaches, your pillows are causing it. Old and dirty pillows harbor dust mites, pet dander, and allergens that sabotage your respiratory system.

    Even washing your pillow cases regularly, particles are left on your pillows. There will eventually be an overwhelming buildup of allergens, causing discomfort while sleeping.

    Investing in new hypoallergenic pillows specifically for those with allergies to combat issues with dirt. These types are made from dust mite accumulation resistant materials, providing a barrier against allergens.

    Purchasing new pillows designed for allergy sufferers improves the quality of your sleep and any allergy symptoms. Don't let pesky allergic reactions disturb your rest - opt for new pillows now!

      3. You Have Neck Pain

    If you wake up with a discomfort in your neck, you might have slept in the wrong position or you require a new pillow entirely. Pillows are the main products that support our neck and spine as you sleep, giving you that comfortable feeling.

    Old pillows lose their shape and supportiveness when not maintained properly, leading to misalignment of the head and neck. This eventually causes discomfort or pain and other complications when prolonged.

    Picking the right pillow firmness for your desired sleeping position saves you from possible neck stiffness. When sleeping on your back, you’ll get adequate support without pushing your head too forward from using medium-firm pillows. A firmer pillow keeps the spine aligned for those comfortable sleeping on their sides.

    Assess the fill material of the pillow you’re planning to purchase. Memory foam contours to any body shape, granting tailored support and comfort. Down feathers may feel luxurious but can flatten quickly, causing less support over time.

      4. You Sleep Hot

    There are people who get too warm and hot while sleeping, and that’s uncomfortable to them. That could be an indicator that it’s high time you purchased new pillows. Like other products that lose their features, pillows lose the ability to regulate temperature. This means they trap heat and cause disturbance as you sleep.

    Sleeping hot interferes with the quality, length, and continuity of your sleep. It's tougher to fall or stay asleep when your body temperature is higher than what you consider as cozy. This leaves you feeling tired and groggy in the morning, even after getting the hours your body requires.

    Fortunately, there are pillows designed to keep you cool. Look for naturally cooling materials like bamboo or gel-infused memory foam.

    If sleeping hot is getting persistent for you, invest in specialized bedding such as cooling sheets or mattress pads. These products harmonize with your pillow to create an environment promoting better sleep hygiene and solace.

    Don't depreciate the impact that temperature regulation has on achieving a good night's rest! If overheating is affecting your sleep quality, take steps towards finding new pillows made from breathable materials to keep things comfortable.

      5. Lumps, Bumps, or Misshapen Pillows

    It's time to replace your pillows when you feel lumps, bumps, and looking misshapen. Pillow shapes and sizes can change due to daily use.

    • Misshapen pillows are discomforting, as they no longer provide proper support for your neck and head. Sleeping on pillows too flat or too firm leads to neck stiffness in the morning, influencing your mood and movement.
    • The clumping of filling materials inside the pillowcase creates unpleasant lumps in pillows. This makes it difficult to find that distinct position for your head. Moreover, lumpy pillows elicit pressure points that produce headaches and muscle tension.
    • Bumpy or unevenly shaped pillows often develop after years of use when their original shape has been compromised due to long-term compression from supporting our heads at night. In such cases, investing in a new set of high-quality replacements would undoubtedly improve sleep quality.

      6. Become a Side Sleeper

    Sleeping on your side requires finding the necessary pillow that makes sleeping feel serene. Lack of decent support strains your neck and shoulders.

    • A comfortable pillow with firm support is appropriate for side sleeping. Memory foam pillows easily mold to the shape of your body.
    • You’ll sleep pleasantly when your head is in line with your spine; not too high or too low.
    • If you sleep hot, breathable cotton and bamboo pillows enhance your sleep .

    Finding the perfect pillow for side sleeping require trial and error. But once you find a supportive yet comfortable option that helps keep you cool all night long, you'll wonder how you ever slept without it!

      7. You Want to Be a Stomach Sleeper

    If stomach sleeping is your desired position, getting the appropriate pillow aligns your body as it needs to be. Sleeping on your belly puts pressure on your neck and spine, so proper support is fundamental.

    Invest in new pillows that cater to stomach sleeping to avoid waking up sore. Look for soft and flat enough pillows to prevent your head from being tilted upwards or downwards.

    Memory foam pillows can offer the necessary support while still allowing for some sinking in. Consider purchasing a body pillow designed specifically for stomach sleepers to provide full-body support throughout the night.

    Choose hypoallergenic materials if you're prone to allergies as they can disrupt sleep quality. Take into account breathability as well - nobody wants sweaty nights!

    Investing in new pillows is like a small change but it has a big impact on your overall health. Take the time to choose Icon Sleep’s variety of quality pillows that support your body and provide comfort. With these indicators in mind, make sure not to sleep on getting new pillows when necessary!