The core of the Icon Sleep experience, our mattress are designed and made to offer exceptional comfort at exrtremely affordable prices.

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Sleep like an icon with a mattress that keeps your body cool, supports your back all night long, and stays fresh years after you unbox it.

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Indulge in all-day comfort and luxury with our high-profile hybrid mattress that boasts traditional innersprings with targeted layers of memory foam.

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iconic mattress?

Here at Icon Sleep, we listen to your feedback and continuously innovate our products to create the best sleep experience for you

We listen to customer feedback

We don't do costly marketing

We focus on technology and quality

We give back to the US economy

Cooling & Breathability

The most advanced cooling and heat management technology we've ever put on a mattress.

Top-notch Spinal Support

Engineered to provide outstanding durability, Support and pressure relief for sleepers of all sizes.

Motion Absoption & Isolation

Say goodbye to motion-related sleep interruptions and enjoy greater sleep and better mornings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Icon Sleep mattress is right for me?


Both our collections (COOL Gel and Hybrid) are designed for comfort and Support, but each has unique benefits to suit your sleep habits and preferences. For example, if yoU want refreshing sleeps, COOL Gel matresses may be the best option. If you want uncompromised comfort, Hybrid mattresses may be the collection you want to look for.

What is a hybrid mattress?


Hybrid mattresses combine the pressure relief of our nigh-quality memory foams with the sturdy feel of traditional innersprings for added support and bounce.

How long should I wait before I can use my mattress?


You can sleep on your mattress right away. Usually, it would take 48 hours to 1 week for your mattress to fully decompress. Sleeping on it the first night may help with the decompression.

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