Why we're an icon

Using the word "icon" as a brand name requires more than just being catchy. It's not enough to claim the word and make a brand out of it. At some point, the brand itself has to live up to its name. It has to be remarkable-something that stands out from the rest. Just like an icon.

Icon Sleep has been in the business of selling mattresses for many years now, but we're hardly a business at all.

We believe costly advertising, paid-for reviews, or fancy packaging is what makes mattresses expensive-so don't expect any of those with us.

We're in the business of giving people the iconic treatment they deserve: comfortable, luxurious, and practical.

Our Mission

We started with the mission of giving people great sleep and affordable comfort. Icon Sleep believes that everyone can get the iconic sleep treatment without burning thousands of dollars - and we're here to make it happen.

Our Vision

After spending years of studying the science behind mattresses, our goal has become clearer: we want to see an invigorated worldfree of restlessness or sleep deprivation.

Put our beds to the test and see what fits you

Put our beds to the test and see what fits you.