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A blanket is a general term for any type of bed covering that is thicker than a sheet. Blankets come in many different types including comforters, quilts, duvets, and weighted blankets.

Bed blankets keep your body warm and keep you from getting cold when you sleep. They are placed on top of bedding layers and correspond to the sizing of your mattresses and sheets. Bed blankets are also used as a lovely bedroom decor, that’s why they are designed in different colors, prints, and patterns.

Bed blankets are made to fit the dimensions of mattresses and sheets. Bed blankets come in several sizes like twin/single, twin XL, full/double, queen, king, and California king. Here at Icon Sleep, we also offer oversized queen and oversized king sizes if you prefer standard-sized blankets with more width.

Bed blankets are crafted in various types. We created a short list of them below to help you decide which one is right for you.

  • Comforter: A fluffy blanket that provides warmth while being lightweight. It comes in many colors, prints, and patterns.
  • Duvet: A blanket that has two parts: a duvet insert and a duvet cover.
  • Quilt: A lightweight blanket embellished with exquisite prints and patterns, making it an excellent decorative piece for your bedroom and home.
  • Throw Blanket: Another lightweight blanket used for decorative and aesthetic purposes. It is sometimes draped on beds and couches.
  • Waffle Weave Blanket: A knitted blanket that can be used for layering. It is lightweight and breathable, making it perfect for warm climates.
  • Weighted Blanket: A heavy blanket that aids sleep disorders, and eases stress and anxiety.
  • Heated Blanket: A blanket with built-in heating settings. It is perfect for cold climates and helps relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • Sherpa Blanket: A snuggly blanket with two different fabrics and textures on each side. It is suitable for places with cold climates.
  • Coverlet: A thin, lightweight blanket used to cover and decorate the bed.
  • Afghan: A knitted or crocheted blanket with unique patterns used as decorative ornaments on beds, couches, and chairs.

Make your bed look stylish! Here is our easy-to-follow guide on how to layer blankets on a bed.

  1. On Your Sheets
    If you have a fitted sheet, wrap the elastics of the sheets snugly and tightly around every corner of your mattress. If you have a flat sheet, lay the sheet on your mattress and tuck every excess fabric in all corners underneath the mattress.
  2. Set Your Duvet or Comforter
    Lay your duvet or comforter on top of your sheets. Properly align them at each side of your bed to produce a uniformly even look. If you are using a duvet, do the same step and make sure that the duvet insert is inside the duvet cover.
  3. Place Shams and Pillows
    Place your shams against the headboard of your bed frame and your pillows in front of them. You can prop up your other pillows for an exquisite appearance of your bed or stack them randomly for a cozy look.
  4. Set Quilts and Throws
    To add a more aesthetic vibe to your bed, lay quilts or throw blankets. You can place a folded quilt or throw blanket at the foot of your bed, providing more character and uniqueness to your entire bedroom. You can also cover your whole bed with a quilt or a throw blanket to add a cozier and lovelier appearance.

Tired of your bed blankets sliding off when you move? Here are our quick recommendations on how to stop blankets from falling off your bed.

  1. Choose Cotton or Linen Bed Blankets
    Compared to silk, bed blankets made from fabrics like cotton or linen do not easily slip and slide when moving.
  2. Layer Your Bed
    Layering your bed can help in preventing your blanket from falling off your bed. For example, if you use a silky bed blanket, top it off with a heavy duvet or comforter, so it keeps your blanket in place even if it moves when you sleep.
  3. Tuck Your Blankets
    Although many folks dislike it, tucking your bed blankets underneath each side of your bed helps in avoiding it from falling off your bed.
  4. Use Bedding Straps
    As an alternative to tucking your bed blankets, you can use bedding straps. Bedding straps are cheap, elastic straps that fasten your blanket to your mattress to prevent it from sliding off your bed.