Set-up & Care Instructions

We know how excited you are to sleep on your brand new mattress.
Just Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be on your way to having a restfull night’s sleep.

Our mattresses are boxed in shippable boxes via FedEx
Icon Sleep mattresses are compressed and rolled, then sealed in a thick, waterproof plastic wrap.

Step 01 - Unbox

Unbox rolled mattress. Lay on
foundation of your choice.

Step 02 - Unwrap

Carefully remove outer white wrapper
using a pair of scissors.

Step 03 - Unroll

Unroll mattress and cut away the
clear plastic wrapper.

Step 04 - Enjoy

You can now enjoy your new
Icon Sleep as it expands fully*

*Full decompression takes at least 48 hours to one week.

Sweet Dreams

No need to wait for full decompression.
Sleep on your new Icon Sleep tonight and enjoy better nights!