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Adjustable Bed Frames

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Improve your sleep and relaxation with an angled or elevated sleeping position.

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An adjustable bed frame or bed base is equipped with a mechanical base that allows you to freely raise and lower its head and foot sections, providing you maximum control over your choice of comfort. It is run by built-in lift motors which you can easily operate using the remote control that comes with it.

Apart from providing the utmost comfort, using an adjustable bed frame also offers multiple physical health benefits. To name a few, it can help with alleviating sleep apnea, limiting snoring, and reducing back pain.

What’s more is that whether you are lying down for relaxation or casually sitting on your mattress, an adjustable bed frame also offers various features apt for your lifestyle. Some of these include Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, built-in speakers, USB charging ports, under-bed lighting, and even massage functions.

An adjustable bed frame or bed base works as the primary base of a mattress. It is placed under the mattress and usually has two distinct portions including the head base and the foot base. You can conveniently move these sections anytime to cater to your level of comfort using the provided remote control.

Compared to a traditional bed frame, a mattress placed on an adjustable bed frame can aid a neutral spine position when sleeping. It supports the natural curvature of the spine, resulting in improving one’s overall sleep and in alleviating many sorts of health-related problems.

An adjustable bed frame or bed base provides multiple health benefits that can help improve your sleep and general wellness. Below are some of the benefits of having one in your bedroom:

  • Alleviate sleep apnea and asthma
  • Reduce snoring
  • Ease insomnia
  • Lessen acid reflux and heartburn
  • Reduce back pain
  • Enhance blood circulation
  • Lighten leg swelling
  • Relieve arthritis

Headboards are not only decorative pieces but can also be of great help when sleeping. They can keep your head from getting too cold at night and also protect it from accidentally hitting the wall.

Follow our quick guide below on how to attach a headboard to an adjustable bed frame.

  1. Raise the head base of your adjustable bed frame to gain access to the bed base frame.
  2. Using two three-inch carriage bolts and nuts, attach the headboard bracket channel to one side of the bed base frame. Tighten the bolts and nuts to allow adjustment of the headboard bracket channels. Do the same steps for the other side of the bed base frame.
  3. Attach one headboard bracket flange to one of the bracket channels with two one-inch hex head bolts and nuts. Do the same steps to the bracket channel on the other side.
  4. When done, slide the headboard bracket assemblies in or out to achieve a distance of one-and-a-half to two inches between the edge of the bed and the bracket flange assemblies.
  5. Once you have measured the appropriate distance, firmly tighten the three-inch carriage bolts of both headboard bracket flanges using a wrench to keep them secured.
  6. Measure both the center-to-center distance between the mounting holes of the headboard and the mounting slots of the headboard bracket flanges.
  7. If their measurements correspond to one another, using headboard attachment bolts and a wrench, attach the headboard bracket flanges to the mountain holes of the headboard. You have now successfully installed a headboard to your adjustable bed frame.

Yes. You can put an adjustable base in a bed frame. Just make sure to double-check if the dimensions of the adjustable base correspond to the measurements of the bed frame for them to fit together. Also, remember to remove the slats placed inside the bed frame before setting the adjustable base inside.

Yes. Adjustable beds fit in bed frames as they come in similar sizes to most bed frames. Adjustable beds can freely fit bed frames with sizes ranging from Twin, to Queen, to King, to California King, and many more.

Since they come pre-assembled most of the time, here is our easy guide on how to assemble an adjustable bed frame. Don’t forget to ask someone to help you as it is difficult to do this task alone.

  1. Push the head base and the foot base together. Line these two bases and ensure that the foot base is slightly raised above the head base.
  2. Line up the connecting bar and screw in two bolts using a wrench.
  3. Remove the clip from the control box.
  4. Plug the foot motor cable into the control box specifically labeled with a foot motor tag.
  5. Plug the massage cable into the plug cable labeled with a foot massage tag. Make sure the cable runs underneath the connecting bar.
  6. After all wires are plugged in, place the clip back into the control box to lock the plugs in place.
  7. Attach the bed legs to the holes of the bed frame. They usually come in four or six pieces.
  8. Once you have attached the bed legs, turn the bed frame over to install the retainer bar.
  9. Insert the ends of the retainer bar into the quick-connect brackets placed at the foot of the adjustable bed frame. Retainer bars will keep your mattress in place.
  10. Connect the power cord from the control box under the bed frame to the power supply. Then, connect the power supply to the power cord.
  11. Plug the power cord into a working electrical outlet.
  12. Equip the remote control with three AAA batteries and test out the features of the adjustable bed frame. If the features are fully functioning, you can now set your mattress on your adjustable bed frame.
  13. Optional: if you have a split king or a king-size bed frame, attach the two sync holders connecting the head and foot legs in the center.

Putting together an adjustable bed frame can be quite difficult for many first-time buyers. Read our instructions below to guide you on how to set up an adjustable bed frame.

  1. Lay the frame down with the two metal brackets facing the same direction. You will notice that one side of the frame has slots while the other side has tabs.
  2. Determine which size of mattress you have.
  3. Slide the tabs into the slots and pull tight to the narrow end of the slot to match the size of your mattress.
  4. If provided, add the center support bar to your adjustable bed frame by attaching it using the provided screws and nuts.
  5. Insert the wheels into each corner of the bed and the center pedestal into the center bracket support. You have now completed the assembly of your adjustable bed frame.

Yes. An adjustable bed frame can be used with most types of mattresses, be it memory foam, latex, hybrid, or other non-innerspring mattresses. All thanks to the construction of these mattresses, they can easily bend and adapt when you raise or lower the bases of your adjustable bed frame.

Yes. Adjustable bases work with any type of bed frame as long as they both correspond to each other’s measurements. For example, a Queen-size adjustable base can work with a Queen-size bed frame in the same way that a King-size adjustable base can fit a King-size bed frame.

You can simply fold up your adjustable bed frame in just two steps:

  1. Using your hands underneath each side of the adjustable bed frame, carefully lift the head base upwards. Make sure that you are lifting in the direction that the metal frame underneath leads, so it moves smoothly. The built-in lift motors allow a swift movement of the bed frame, so not much effort is required.
  2. Do the same step with the foot base at the bottom.

If you need to troubleshoot or attach replacement parts under your adjustable bed frame, you can execute that in just a few steps. Make sure to ask someone to help you as this task requires at least two people.

  1. Grab the metal frames underneath the foot base and the head base.
  2. Gently tilt the adjustable bed frame sideways and set it on its side.
  3. Once it is placed on its side, you can either lean it against a wall or turn it completely upside down.
  4. To turn the adjustable bed frame upside down, move the adjustable bed frame downwards and carefully set it down on the floor.

The best way to hide an adjustable bed frame is to use a bed skirt or a dust ruffle. Bed skirts can hide your adjustable bed frame and add a touch of style to your entire mattress. It is also the easiest and cheapest way as bed skirts are not hard to find and generally do not cost that much.