How to Create Stylish Color Blocks using Malouf Bedding

How to Create Stylish Color Blocks using Malouf Bedding

Posted by Finny F on 18th Jan 2024

Style should always meet comfort in the most exquisite way! If you're looking to transform your bedroom into a haven of chic sophistication, you can look into color blocking. With its bold and modern appeal, color blocking has become a favorite among interior designers and homeowners alike.

When paired with the luxurious offerings from Malouf Bedding, you can create a truly breathtaking space that reflects your unique sense of style. Create your mood boards and get ready to explore how to create stylish color blocks using Malouf Bedding – it's time to unleash your inner designer!

The Benefits of Using Color Blocks in Bedroom Decor

Color blocking is the most obvious factor when decorating your bedroom. It sets the tone and creates a mood in your space. This technique involves using bold, contrasting colors to create visually striking blocks of color within your room.

Dynamic and Vibrant Element

Color blocking adds a dynamic and vibrant element to your space, instantly injecting life and personality into the room. Color blocking also allows you to experiment with different combinations of colors, creating endless possibilities for unique and eye-catching designs.

Define Areas

It can help define different areas within the room. By strategically placing colored accents or furniture against neutral walls or bedding from Malouf Bedding, you can create distinct zones for sleeping, working or relaxation.


Color blocking also offers versatility when styling your bedroom. Whether you prefer a more minimalist approach with just a few carefully chosen pops of color or want to go all out with bold and contrasting shades, there's no right or wrong way to do it.

Creative Expression

Not only does this technique allow you to express yourself creatively but it can also have psychological effects on our emotions and well-being. Certain colors are known to promote relaxation while others inspire creativity and productivity.

Incorporating Malouf Bedding into your color block design is an excellent choice as their wide range of high-quality products ensures both comfort and style. From luxurious bed sheets in various hues to cozy throw pillows in complementary shades.

Choosing the Right Malouf Bedding for Color Blocking

The colors and patterns you select will set the tone for your entire design scheme. Here are a few tips to help you make the perfect choice.

Consider the overall color palette of your room. Are you going for a bold and vibrant look with Malouf’s Tencel or brushed microfiber? Or something more subtle and calming, like Malouf’s bamboo rayon and weekender sheets? Malouf offers a wide range of bedding options in various colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for your desired aesthetic.

Think about the size and scale of your color blocks. If you want to create a dramatic focal point, opt for larger blocks of contrasting colors. For a more balanced look, choose bedding with smaller or more evenly distributed blocks of color.

Another factor to consider is texture. Malouf offers bedding with different textures such as quilting or embroidery which can add depth and visual interest to your color block design.

Choosing the right Malouf bedding is key to creating stylish color blocks in your bedroom decor. With their wide range of options, finding the perfect combination is easy!

Tips for Creating a Cohesive Look with Color Blocks

When creating a stylish and cohesive look in your bedroom decor, there are tips that can help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

1. Consider the overall color scheme of your room. Choose one or two main colors from Malouf Bedding you want to incorporate into your design, it could be Tencel’s harvest or Supima’s charcoal shades. This will help create a sense of unity and harmony within the space.

2. Think about balance and proportion. You don't want one color block to overpower the others or make the room feel imbalanced. Play around with different sizes and shapes of color blocks to find what works best for your space.

3. Mix textures and patterns within each individual color block. This adds visual interest and depth to your design. For example, pair a solid-colored pillowcase with a textured duvet cover or vice versa.

4. Experiment with different placement options for your color blocks. You can create vertical stripes by stacking pillows of varying shades on top of each other, or go for a more geometric look by arranging rectangular throw pillows in alternating colors.

Less is often more when creating a stylish and cohesive look with color blocks. Don't overcrowd your bed with too many pillows or overwhelm the space with an excessive number of colors. Keep it simple yet impactful.

Maintaining and Refreshing Your Color Block Design

Maintaining and refreshing your color block design keeps your bedroom stylish and up-to-date. Here’s how you can achieve this:

Regular washing:  Retain the cleanliness of your Malouf bedding following the manufacturer's instructions. This will prevent dust that can dull the colors.

Rotate and mix patterns: Rotate different pieces of Malouf bedding or mixing in new patterns with existing ones. This gives new looks to your bedroom without investing in all-new bedding.

Experiment with accent pillows: Add or swap out accent pillows in different colors or textures. This simple change adds depth and interest to the look.

Incorporate accessories: Don't limit yourself to just beddings. Consider curtains, rugs, or artwork in complementary colors that enhances your bedroom aesthetic.

Look for inspiration: Search for bedroom interior designs for inspiration. You can incorporate interesting ideas into your bedroom decor while still keeping true to your main scheme.

Creating a stylish and cohesive look through color blocking allows for flexibility and creativity. Explore different ways of expressing yourself through vibrant hues and bold combinations.

Elevate Your Bedroom Aesthetic with Malouf

Incorporating color blocks into your bedroom decor using Malouf bedding transforms your space into a stylish and visually appealing sanctuary. Color blocking creates depth, visual interest, and a cohesive look that reflects your personal style. With the wide range of options available from Malouf bedding, you have endless possibilities to experiment with color combinations and patterns.

With careful placement, your chosen accents will elevate not only individual elements but also unite them cohesively. Now that you have mastered the art of creating stunning color block designs with Malouf bedding, it's important to maintain and refresh your look over time. This can be achieved by simply swapping out a few pieces of bedding or adding in new accessories to update the color scheme.

Color blocking elevates your space and creates a stylish and inviting atmosphere. With the wide range of options we offer at Icon Sleep, you can easily customize your design to reflect your personal style. Experiment with different color combinations, textures, and patterns to find the perfect look for your bedroom.