Best Platform Beds In 2023

Best Platform Beds In 2023

Posted by Stephanie Cosue on 21st Dec 2022

Best Platform Beds in 2023

Looking for the best platform beds? We’ve got you covered! Platform beds are the best picks if you are on the hunt for affordable, sturdy, and compact low-raised bed frames. They are offered in a vast set of stylish selections and you can easily pair them with your mattress, eliminating the use of box springs which is an additional cost.

Ranging from minimalist to sleek to platform beds with remarkable storage solutions, we have prepared a list of the best platform beds in 2023 with an awesome roster of sleek options to fit your style and needs. Read on for 10 of the best platform beds in 2023.

What Is a Platform Bed A platform bed is a type of low-raised bed frame with a sturdy base. Like most bed frames, platform beds are made from various types of materials like wood or metal.

Platform beds are crafted in several designs that are well-built to firmly support the overall weight of your mattress including your pillow, beddings, and of course, you. They can come with a solid or slatted wooden base or with metal frames. To add, if you want to be creative, you can even make a platform bed yourself through a DIY method!

How to Choose a Platform Bed You can choose a platform bed based on several aspects. These aspects include your budget, the size of your mattress, and the space you have. They are also based on your choice of material and which design matches your preferences.

1. Budget Platform beds are generally affordable and can cater to anyone’s budget. You will not have to worry about preparing a large amount of cash to be able to afford one.

2. Size and Space Platform beds also come in a variety of sizes that can accommodate the size of your mattress. Given this convenience, you can easily choose which size of the platform bed you can buy based on the dimensions of your mattress. Just remember to also measure if it fits the area or location where you will be placing one.

3. Material Given that platform beds are constructed from robust materials like wood or metal, you are guaranteed that these types of bed frames will last a long time. These materials make platform beds a great value for your money and an excellent long-term purchase.

4. Design Platform beds are offered in a diverse range of designs. Some of them are equipped with built-in drawers, are upholstered with fabric or leather, have spacious under-bed storage, and even come with attached headboards.

What Are the Benefits of a Platform Bed? Having a platform bed can provide many benefits. Read below to find out what these benefits are.

Firstly, platform beds are offered at affordable price points and are constructed with hardy materials, offering you a worthy low-cost purchase without sacrificing quality. Secondly, in most cases, platform beds come with just a few parts that require a short amount of time and effort in assembling, giving you a hassle-free time in setting one up.

Thirdly, platform beds are offered in a series of style selections ranging from minimalist to modern to exquisite designs, providing you with countless options to choose from. For example, you can opt for a platform bed with a minimalist design that comes with built-in drawers or you can also go for a metal platform bed with huge under-bed storage.

Pros and Cons of Platform Beds Platform beds are undoubtedly excellent to have in your bedroom. However, just like any other kind of bed frame, they also come with a few cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of platform beds below, so you can carefully consider if getting one for your home is truly worth the purchase or not.

PROS 1. Affordable Platform beds are extremely affordable. You can simply purchase one regardless of how much budget you currently have. In fact, you can already buy a twin-size platform bed frame for only under $100!

2. Fits and Supports Most Mattress Sizes Platform beds come in various dimensions that correspond to the sizes of mattresses. For example, you will not have any trouble finding a king-size platform bed for your king-size mattress.

3. Compact Platform beds are ideal for areas with minimal space. Since they are generally compact, you can easily fit a platform bed in your space regardless of how small it is.

4. Stylish The catalog of platform beds features many stylish and sleek designs. Depending on your style and taste, you can opt for any type of platform bed that matches your aesthetic preferences. Not to mention, the aesthetics of platform beds can add a dash of style and personality to your space.

5. Storage Some platform beds are furnished with built-in drawers and if you need additional storage space for your belongings, we recommend getting a platform bed with one. These storage spaces will help reduce clutter in your area, allowing you to maximize your living place.

CONS 1. Heavy Despite being generally compact, platform beds are heavy. This can be a problem when you need to transport or relocate your platform bed, especially if you are someone who regularly moves from one place to another.

2. Wood slats The wood slats installed on platform beds are undeniably sturdy. However, they are also susceptible to damage once you put too much weight on them. So, be careful of putting on too much heavy weight on your platform bed to avoid any harm to its material.

3. Firm surface Platform beds can be too firm for some folks. The firmness of platform beds restricts movement when sleeping. Platform beds with solid bases also limit air circulation to the mattress which can lead to an unpleasant and warm sleeping environment.

4. Low height Platform beds have a low height and are close to the ground which can result in elderly folks having a hard time getting in and out of their beds. To add, since they are situated close to the floor, platform beds are susceptible to bugs, dirt, and dust particles.

What to Look For in a Platform Bed By now, given the awesome features of platform beds, you are probably already thinking of getting one for your bedroom. Here are our tips on what to look for in a platform bed:

1. Material Of Your Choice Platform beds are made from wood, metal, or in some cases, a combination of both materials. You can opt for a platform bed with a solid or slatted base crafted from wood or even one made out of metal material.

2. Right Dimensions Make sure that the platform bed correctly matches the dimensions of your mattress, so the two units can perfectly fit together without any problem. Also ensure that the platform bed fits your bedroom or the area where you will be setting it.

3. Price Platform beds generally have cheap prices. However, if you are leaning towards buying a more expensive one, ensure that you have a flexible budget to fit your pick!

The 10 Best Platform Beds in 2023 If you are planning on buying a platform bed anytime soon, let our article guide you on some of the best offers for this year. Read below to find out the 10 best platform beds in 2023.

1. Everett Platform Bed Brand: Icon Sleep Price: Starts at $349.99 The Everett Platform Bed from Icon Sleep is offered in sizes ranging from twin to California king. This platform bed is crafted from medium-density fiberboard furnished with an exquisite wooden pattern. It also comes with a headboard and wood slats, providing reliable support for your mattress. If you want to add a simple yet aesthetic platform bed to your bedroom, this is definitely a great pick.

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2. Malouf Blackwell Designer Bed Brand: Icon Sleep Price: Starts at $1,049.99 The Malouf Blackwell Designer Bed from Icon Sleep is fit for the posh lifestyle and an undeniably added charm to your bedroom. Offered only in full, queen, and king sizes, this platform bed features a lovely fabric upholstered frame and headboard with different fabric colors to choose from like Oat, Spruce, Charcoal, Stone, and Desert. The base of this platform bed also comes with wood slats and is supported by corner legs with a sleek wood finish, enhancing the entire stylish look of the frame.

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3. Weekender Wren Upholstered Bed Brand: Icon Sleep Price: Starts at $349.99 The Weekend Wren Upholstered Bed is yet another exceptional offering from Icon Sleep. It comes with sophisticated fabric upholstery and an ample six-inch underbed clearance for your belongings. The upholstery gives the platform bed a prestigious look while offering a cozy and luxurious diamond tufted headboard. It is constructed with a slatted base and is available in twin, twin XL, queen, king, and California king sizes. It is also offered in Oat, Spruce, Charcoal, Stone, and Desert fabric colors.

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4. Leesa Platform Bed Brand: Leesa Price: Starts at $549 The Leesa Platform Bed is a plain yet chic offering from Leesa. It is a minimalist platform bed without a headboard or any bulky parts, making it a perfect choice if you have a small area. This bed frame comes in sizes ranging from twin to California king. The wood slats have wide spaces in between them, providing a stable surface for your mattress. The dark gray legs add a sweet touch of style to the frame as well.

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5. Folk Bed Brand: Shabby Chic Price: Starts at $950 The Folk Bed from Shabby Chic is a minimalist platform bed that showcases the perfect blend of sturdiness and impeccable aesthetic appeal. It comes without a headboard and is only offered in twin size, making it yet another excellent choice if you have a small space. This rustic bed frame is made out of reclaimed pine wood ornamented with distressed white coating, adding a pristine textured accent to your bedroom.

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6. Brimnes Platform Bed Brand: IKEA Price: Starts at $369 The Brimnes Platform Bed from IKEA is a superb pick if you are looking for a minimalist platform bed with drawers. It is offered in black, gray, and white colors, providing you with many choices to match your preference. It only comes in full, queen, and king sizes, and is equipped with roomy drawers that provide abundant space for your belongings.

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7. Van Metal Platform Bed Brand: ZINUS Price: Starts at $62 The Van Metal Platform Bed from Zinus is a cheap but durable option if you are on a tight budget. It is entirely made from metal with steel slats and legs, ensuring maximum support for your mattress. It comes in sizes ranging from twin to king and offers incredibly spacious under-bed storage for your belongings.

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8. Tao Platform Bed Brand: South Shore Foundation Price: Starts at $290 The Tao Platform Bed is a fashionable offering from South Shore Furniture that features a solid wooden surface with an appealing modern look. It is only available in queen size and comes with a hefty drawer located at the foot. The solid base reduces movements, making it ideal if you want to limit your tossing and turning when sleeping.

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9. Arne Bed Brand: Andover Mills Price: Starts at $918 The Arne Bed from Andover Mills is a suitable pick if you are on the hunt for a lavish platform bed with an affordable price point. It is embellished with fabric upholstery and robust wood slats. It also features an arched headboard, boosting the refined appearance of the bed frame. It is available in sizes from twin to king and also comes in gray, beige, and black colors.

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10. Tom Metal Platform Bed Brand: Zinus Price: Starts at $269 The Tom Metal Platform Bed from Zinus is constructed with a metal frame and a slatted steel headboard. The subtle curves of the headboard and footboard add an eye-catching detail to the bed frame while wood slats serve as the main support for your mattress. It is available in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.

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Platform beds are, without a doubt, great choices to use in your bedroom. They are affordable, compact, can fit in small spaces, and are offered in dimensions that can perfectly match your mattress. They are also crafted in countless designs so you can easily pick which one fits your taste and preferences.