Cool Memory Foam Mattress

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Meet the coolest mattress in town. The COOL is a gel-infused mattress equipped with an advanced cooling and heat management system. It's breathable and comfortable-your sleep has never been this cool.


Meet the coolest mattress in town. The COOL is a gel-infused mattress equipped with an advanced cooling and heat management system. It's breathable and comfortable-your sleep has never been this cool.

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Quick & Easy Setup

The mattress can be used within a few minutes upon opening the package. Setup is just a few easy steps.

Forever Warranty
Forever Warranty

Forever Warranty gives you specfic legal rights, and you may have other rights that may vary from state to state.

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100 Night Risk-Free Trial

If after the 100-night sleep trial you're not satisfied with our mattress, you can return it to us and we will refund you the full amount you paid.

Compression Technology

Why we're confident you'll love COOLest Gel

We've dedicated the past 10 years in perfecting an affordable mattress that promises the same level of comfort and support as the more premium ones. Today, we deliver on that promise as we passed the industry's most rigorous test - all with flying colors.

Confidence in Textiles
Compression Technology
  • Knitted Jacquard Fabric

    Intricately designed using precision knitting machines, the COOLest Gel mattress’ exterior fabric has a soft texture, greater extensibility and elasticity in addition to good wrinkle resistance and breathability.

  • Fire Resistant Base

    We’ve designed the COOLest Gel mattress to last even in extremely demanding and fire hazardous environments. The base layer contains a fabric that consists of fire retardant materials such as Aramid and rayon.

  • COOLest Gel-Infused Memory Foam

    Providing healthy support that helps you wake up free from aches and pains, our gel-infused memory foam regulates body temperature and promotes breathability – creating iconic sleep experiences every night.

  • Pressure Relief High-Density Foam

    Having almost twice the density of conventional foams, this high-density layer returns to shape after compression, offering a good balance between the mattress’ softness and support and providing pressure relief during sleep.

  • Support High-Density Foam

    COOLest Gel’s ultra-solid base foam is packed with high-density polymer material that gives overall support and durability to the whole mattress while preventing sinking and sagging of the upper layers.

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The Mattress of Your Dreams

Icon Sleep's COOLest has a gel-infused memory foam top that promotes a conducive sleep environment for all sleepers. This dream-inducing layer on top of durable pressure relief and support foams make up for an outstanding mattress architecture that promises more well-rested mornings.

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Finding The Perfect Firmness For You

Dont know which mattress firmness is for you? 88% of sleepers prefer a mattress that is in the happy medium range of 4-7. See below chart for illustration on how our mattress is constructed to please the masses.




The Iconic Difference

Icon Sleep mattresses are not necessarily better. But compared to what the competition offer, we present the most
reasonably priced package for the same quality. In short, we offer the same value for less.

Mattress Brand Comparison

*All prices are for Queen-sized mattress models.

The COOLest bed you’ll own is fiberglass-free.

Here at Icon Sleep, part of our sustainable vision of a well-rested world is a sleeping environment that poses no threat to anyone’s health. That’s why we’ve developed an affordable mattress free from the dangers of fiberglass.

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nothing beat homemade

Nothing Beats Homemade

Manufacturing from a state-of-the-art facility in McDonough, Georgia, Icon Sleep delivers on its promise of a budget-friendly and well-made mattress by adhering to strict federal standards. Since 2018, our production line has been moved to the US, allowing us and our customers to save thousands of dollars worth of warranty claims. Truly, nothing beats homemade quality!

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it’s mainly due to the pandemic situation disrupting our supply chains. Rest assured, however,
that our universally loved mattress will always be deserving of your 5-star review.

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

What's the best mattress size for me?

Choosing the right mattress size depends on several factors. Are you sharing your bed with a partner or pets? Do you like having plenty of living space in your bedroom? How do you want your bed to be placed?

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What type of foundation should I use for my mattress?

Our mattresses can work with almost all standard foundations. The harder and sturdier the base, the better the mattress will perform, as with all foam beds. Platform bases offer the most support, but steel or wooden...

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How long should I wait before I can use my mattress?

You may start using it right out of the box! Take note, however, that it would take 48 hours up to a week for your mattress to fully decompress. Sleeping on your mattress can help with the decompression.

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