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Bed Pillows

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Turn your pillow fights

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Make every pillow fight fun and cuddly with
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Bed Pillows

Pillows are criminally underrated. Most often than not, it's the mattress that gets the spotlight (which it deserves, don't get us wrong) and typically ends up not sharing it with the other stars in the bedroom. Ironically, for the most part, the pillows are at fault, or rather, the quality and standard by which they were made.

The average American sleeps with 2.2 bed pillows, according to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), and looking at the numbers, our soft companions should be taking the lead. But according to another poll by the NSF, pillows are the least quality-checked by American shoppers, and that speaks volumes about the imbalance between a great mattress and a sloppy set of bed pillows.

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