Some of the Lesser Known Tips for a Better Sleep

Some of the Lesser Known Tips for a Better Sleep

Published by Tony Miller on 26th Nov 2020

Banana and Banana Peel

For a better sleep, the body must have reasonable levels of magnesium and potassium. People who cannot sleep all night – they lack these nutrients in the body, and to complete these nutrients banana tea is very useful and beneficial. To make banana tea, first, wash the banana and clean it properly and remove the top and bottom part off the banana then cut it in three pieces and boil these pieces in three cups water on medium flames for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes add either 1/2 tablespoon cinnamon powder or 1 cinnamon stick and boil it again for three minutes. After this, cover the lid and let it cool. When this tea remains lukewarm, then consume it.

Consuming the banana tea before going to bed relaxes the body muscles and brain, and with that, the Krypto fan present in it helps increase the serotonin and melatonin hormones in the body. Both of these hormones help relax the mind. People who fall asleep very late or people who wake up during the night more often – they should consume this tea regularly.

Consumption of this tea provides the necessary nutrients to the body, and it also cures the sleeping disorder.

Ayurvedic/Ayurveda Medicine

Apart from these homemade remedies, there are some Ayurvedic remedies also, which is very beneficial for better sleep. Wherein Brahmi, Ashwagandha, Shankpushpi are prominent.

Brahmi has been used in Ayurveda since the ancient times as a brain tonic. It has many benefits for problems related to the brain, eyes, and sleep. Most of the times we get a headache during the day because of incomplete sleep, so in this situation consuming Brahmi and Ashwagandha powder during the day and night can fix this problem entirely.

So for that take half tablespoon Bhrami powder and half tablespoon Ashwagandha powder and boil this in two cups water until one cup water remains in the boiling pot. Then switch the stove off and consume this remedy when it’s lukewarm. Consuming this water during the day provides energy to the body throughout the day so that we can sleep better and easier. You can easily get Brahmi powder at any Ayurvedic shop and online stores as well. You can also get the Brahmi syrup or capsules instead of its powder and get the same result.

Blue Light Effect

People who spent many hours watching television, using their mobile phones or computer have a high tendency of not getting enough rest during the night. It is harder for them to sleep. The reason is that a lot of electronic devices before bed has a significant impact on our brain which makes it difficult to calm the mind. In which case the eye should be washed thoroughly with water before going to bed and when you’re about to sleep, then use two cotton balls in rose and keep them on the eyes for ten minutes. This process cools our eyes and veins, which helps us to fall asleep faster.


In case you’re sick and tired of sleeping disorder or cannot fall asleep easily, then before going to bed, the bottom of your feet should be massaged with either sesame oil or coconut oil. This massage has its effect on the whole body. The reason is that most of the veins from our feet are connected to some of the principal and vital organs of the body, which is why oil massage on the feet is very beneficial and useful for us.

Massaging the feet with sesame oil helps calm the Wayans of our waist, back, and shoulders. Also, it improved our digestive system. This massage also helps us sleep better.

Soak Your Feet in Warm Water

Taking a shower before going to bed is also considered to be good for better sleep. But it’s not possible to take a shower in every season for some people. So you might just want to substitute this process by just soaking your feet in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes before going to bed. This also helps relax the veins of the body and brain, and you can fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed.


Apart from this, ambiance counts as well. To have a better sleep, all the light of the room should be switched off. Or if you want, you can just use a very dim light bulb for a good night’s sleep.

Say hello to great nights with great sleep!

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